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Service Provider Licensing Agreement

Simplified licensing with Microsoft "Use and Pay" Licensing Model SPLA

SPLA "use first" - "pay afterwards" system,

SPLA pay only for the products that you use the previous month,

SPLA there are no start-up costs or long-term commitments,

SPLA pay as you go with no up-front costs,

SPLA is renting Microsoft licences anytime you need without any quantity limitation,

SPLA access the most current product versions,

SPLA price changes (if any) only take place in the beginning of January, prices are fixed,

Billing is made on a monthly basis and you can show it as an expense in your company accounts,

The life of the software that you buy is maximum 3 years, with SPLA you can use always the newest version of the software

Try before you buy, test and evaluate products internally for 60 days